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A Straightforward Guide to Optimum Health

GOAL: Is Optimum Health your goal? Optimum health can be achieved by following most if not all of the suggestions listed below.

COST: The possible costs for not changing the unhealthy patterns and habits in your life and not pursuing Optimum Health are as follows: loss of energy, poor mental function, weakened immune system, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, excessive stress and diminished quality of life.

BENEFITS: The benefits of striving for Optimum Health are as follows: Increased energy, improved mental function, strong immune system, normalized blood pressure, healthy cardiovascular function, elimination of free radicals, less fatigue, less stress and improved quality of life.

COMMITMENT: It is going to take a commitment by you if the goal of Optimum Health is to be achieved. There are no shortcuts to good health. It requires effort and discipline. You will need to start making some healthier choices in your life. Making healthier choices will have an enormously positive impact on the quality of your life.


STEP 1: EVALUATION: Analyze your diet. Is your diet healthy or unhealthy? Do you consume too many unhealthy foods and beverages? Do you consume a lot of refined carbohydrates and processed foods? High carbohydrates foods have been linked to the onset of type 2 diabetes. Most processed foods are void of any nutritional value and many processed foods contain trans fatty acids (hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils) which studies have proven beyond any reasonable doubts that they are directly related to the development of cardiovascular disease. More information about Trans Fat

And don't be lulled into a false sense of security because you eat some fruits and vegetables daily. If the fruits and vegetables are not certified organic you are not getting the nutrition out of them you think you are. The problem is farmers used to rotate their crops to suit their land and maximize yields through natural methods and then they supplied fresh produce to local markets for distribution. Unfortunately this method of farming is largely the way of the past. Now, the emphasis is on production, appearance, storability and transportability. So modern farming methods had caused a reduction in the level of nutrients in all produce. For example a recent North American study revealed that over the last 50 years the potato has lost

100% of its Vitamin A

57% of its Vitamin C and iron

50% of its riboflavin

28% of its Calcium

18% of its thiamine

Of the seven nutrients analyzed only niacin levels had increased. The results were similar for all the 25 fruits and vegetables tested. One of the worst results was from broccoli in which ALL nutrients had declined measurably including niacin with Calcium down 63%.

Certified organic produce is higher in nutrients and does not contain the high level of pesticides that non-organic produce contains. Refer to this guide at this link for specific information "Pestisides in Produce Guide"

STEP 2: ELIMINATION: It's time to make some changes. Start by reducing your intake of as many unhealthy foods and beverages in your diet as you can at first. And then slowly eliminate the rest of them one by one. The very first thing to eliminate is any and all foods containing trans fatty acids (hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils). The next things to go are white sugar, artificial sweeteners,, milk, bleached flour, alcoholic beverages & sodas (diet or regular). And eventually eliminating any food with artificial flavoring added.

STEP 3: SUBSTITUTION: You will need to replace the things you have eliminated from your diet with a healthy alternative. For example substitute fresh fruit and vegetable juices for sodas, whole grain wheat bread for white bread, fruits and vegetables for chips and cookies, tea & herb tea for coffee, natural and organic sugar & honey for refined sugar, and chicken and fish for beef and pork.

STEP 4: SUPPLEMENTATION: Everybody needs nutritional supplementation. The alternative to supplementation would be to consume massive amounts of organically grown and raised fruits, vegetables and meats daily. Not only would this be impractical it also would be extremely expensive. I suggest supplementing your diet daily with a high quality multi-nutrient supplement. Because it is just not possible to get the daily values of nutrients from your food it makes good sense to take multi-nutrient supplements daily. Many people run short on some key nutrients which can lead to increased health risk, lack of energy and increased stress levels. If you are ready and willing to improve your health and quality of life you must supplement your diet. The best multi-nutrient supplement available is a product called "Total Balance" made by the Xtend-Life company. Please take a few minutes to browse Xtend-Life's website>

Drinking Tea on a daily basis is a great alternative to drinking coffee. Their are numerous Teas. The best for daily consumption are Yerba Mate', White Tea & Green tea. Also naturally flavored Herb Teas from companies like Celestial Seasonings are great for drinking daily and are available in most supermarkets. (Note: avoid any tea with artificial flavoring added)

Go to the links below for more information.
Individual Herbs
Yerba Mate'
Celestial Seasonings

STEP 5: PHYSICAL FITNESS: Aerobic type exercises are very important in maintaining a person's overall health. Your whole body functions better when you are in good cardiovascular condition. Getting in good cardiovascular condition will benefit you in the following ways: Normalized body weight, elimination of toxins, lower LDL cholesterol level, normalized blood pressure, stress relief and much more energy on a daily basis. Your cardiovascular system has to be maintained in order to help prevent cardiovascular disease (disease of the heart and blood vessels) the most common being coronary artery disease. To maintain your cardiovascular system, aerobic exercise sessions need to be performed 3 to 6 times per week, 20 to 60 minutes per session. As little as (3) 20 minute exercise sessions per week (total 60 minutes) is the minimum required to start strengthening your cardiovascular system and improving your overall health. Then one may choose to increase the duration and frequency of their exercise routine as their stamina improves. Running, swimming, biking or brisk walking are great ways to improve your cardiovascular condition. Keep in mind that in order to maximize benefits from exercise you must maintain an elevated heart rate for minimum of 20 consecutive minutes. Information on Aerobic exercise

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